At Olympian International Taekwondo Academy, we have several programs for specific age groups.

After School Program (Age 7-15)

Olympian International Taekwondo Academy offers an After School Program which provides children with the opportunity to exercise learn self defense, make new friends, after school, so families can enjoy the weekday evenings stress free. This program gives children age 6 - 15 the perfect opportunity to:

  • Learn Martial Arts
  • Develop Self Defense skills
  • Get Fit with Games and Activities
  • Make Friends and have FUN!

Having your child involved in Martial Arts teaches them to:

  • Show courtesy and respect
  • Be a positive role model
  • Excel in school and sports
  • Increase physical endurance
  • Improve mental awareness
  • Exhibit Self Confidence
  • Set and achieve goals

Our Academy features safety mat flooring, climate control, abundant natural light and a spacious training area.

We can be reached at +91 9141190149, +91 9902263647 to answer any further questions you may have. 

Little Lions (Age 4 - 6)

Believe it or not, but you are never too young to begin training in martial arts. In fact, starting a martial arts program at a young age is more beneficial in the long run of a child's development.

The martial arts provide an invaluable life experience for kids. Kids can learn important life skills including stranger awareness, bully prevention, goal-setting, focus, self-confidence, patience, and leadership. All this and they get a great workout too!

Kids with a martial arts background are better prepared for future endeavor’s including school, university, and work. A boost of confidence at an early age gives these kids a chance to taste success, to feel good about their accomplishments, and to set even greater goals for their future. Why not give your child every opportunity to grow and succeed?

Unlike other sports, martial arts such as Taekwondo are cost effective options for parents researching athletic options for their child. We have expert instructors who will teach your child in a safe and clean environment. Be assured that when you entrust your child to our staff, they will be treated with respect and dignity, and will receive the best instruction available in town. More importantly, your little one will have the most fun they've ever experienced.

Youth & Adult (Age 7+)

At Olympian Taekwondo Academy, we are proud to offer classes for youths and adults to train together, either as families or individuals. Everyone can train together in a safe, clean, and fun-but-competitive environment. Here they will learn concepts such as focus, self-control, courtesy, respect for others, discipline, and concentration. They will receive a well-rounded exercise regimen including cardio and Taekwondo techniques.

Health, nutrition, and exercise are very important to the growth and development of youths. Just two or three one-hour sessions per week will provide immediate results.

Youths and Adults alike need an outlet for their energy and creativity; but they also need to establish building blocks to succeed in school, work and life. Martial arts' training is the perfect way for any individual to set and conquer their goals. There is no better way to promote health and fitness than taking one of our martial arts classes!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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